Primera are designers and manufacturers of specialist hardware for use in challenging environments. Our products are widely used in mental health units but are also found in residential care homes and private dwellings.


We believe that the right products can make a huge difference to the lives of mental health inpatients, dementia sufferers and those with autism. It has been proven that sympathetic and appropriate design can help shorten recovery times and improve patient outcomes. We also know that our products can make a significant contribution to the smooth running and operation of facilities.


We specialise solely in the design and manufacture of anti-ligature door and window fittings and it is no exaggeration to say that our products help to save lives. Our designers understand the critical issues that service providers face. As members of the Design in Mental Health Network (DIMHN), we liaise with experts on the frontline of provision and service users themselves to develop products that deliver better outcomes. When alerted to a new problem, we look for a solution. We adapt, we respond and we innovate. And when we are certain we have a solution, we test everything to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards.


Our business might sound to have lofty ideals, but we never forget practicality. Our products are durable, robust and proven to be fit for purpose. We know that to make a difference, things have to work and work well.


Welcome to the Primera Life philosophy.

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  • Twin-Tech has both a conventional, key-operated primary override function & a concealed secondary override mechanism

Note 1 - The term ‘Anti-Ligature’ is used to indicate that a product has been designed to limit the potential for a ligature  to  be  fastened  to  it.  It does not signify that the product is completely ligature proof. Please see Standards & Testing.

Note 2 - Standard Primera products are designed for internal applications only. For external applications products plated to ‘Service Condition 5’ should be requested/specified.

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